What’s the Best Way to Train Young Pitchers?

Published Date: November 7, 2021
Author: Jayson
Category: Tips

The goal of pitching is to throw the ball so that it reaches home plate without allowing the batter to hit it. Pitchers use different techniques, speeds, and movements in order to confuse the hitter. Pitching can be one of the most challenging positions on a team because pitchers are often required to do more than just stay focused on throwing strikes. They also need mental toughness and physical stamina in order for their performance not to falter late in games when they’re tired out.

The best way to train young pitchers is a hotly debated topic. Many experts believe that the most effective approach is pitch counts. Others argue that not enough has been done to study pitch count outcomes, so it’s hard to definitively say what the right answer is. A third group believes in mimicking game conditions as much as possible with live batting practice and throwing off of mounds. Some even think simulated games are needed for younger players who don’t have many opportunities to play against other teams during the season because they’re on travel ball or club teams.

Here are some thoughts on how you can help your child become a better pitcher:

1) Make sure they know their strengths and weaknesses

2) Give them feedback

3) Have patience

4) Don’t push too hard

5) Keep it fun

6) Teach them about sports psychology

7) Practice good form

8) Encourage them

9) Help with conditioning

10) Get outside

11) Do drills

12) Learn time management

13) Know when to stop pitching

14) Be patient

15) Listen

16) Understand that everyone is different.

17) Ask for advice

18) Tell others what works for you