Things in Common of Playing Softball and Woodworking

Published Date: March 16, 2019
Author: Jayson
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Are you a good softball player and thinking of picking up a hobby? Or perhaps you are great at woodworking and think you want to try out for a sport this summer? Keep reading to learn why you might just be a great fit for the alternative activity.

Skills in Common Between Softball and Woodworking
Both playing softball and woodworking require skills in similar things. This may strange at first but if you are good at playing softball, you might just be good at woodworking. And vice-versa.

1. Focusing on One Thing
It is vital as a softball player to keep their eye on the ball whilst out in the field. If you are going to make that catch you cannot be distracted by the array of things around you.

Likewise with woodworking, if you are handling, for instance, a power cutter, the second you lose focus you can risk cutting into your hand. It is extremely important for both parties to focus on the one important thing in front of them.

2. Proper Grip on Equipment
If you have ever tried playing softball or baseball can you think back to that first swing you attempted? Do you remember how hard it was to keep that bat in your hands? You have to have a nice tight grip on it if you don’t want it flying away on you.

Same goes for woodworking. For example, if you are using the miter saw, you want your cuts to your wood to be precise, so any slipping of equipment is bound to be harmful to both yourself and your product. Not sure what a miter saw is? Read for more info.

3. Endurance – Practice Makes Perfect
The more practice you get, the better you are going to be. That’s just a fact of life for any activity. In softball, you have to practice hitting the ball over and over and over again. You have to make sure that you can run the bases properly, knowing when to stop and when to keep going.

The same can be said about woodworking. It is such an art that no one can just start and make a beautiful dining room table right away. You have to practice. A lot of people start off woodworking as a hobby and eventually give up because they are not good enough. Don’t expect to be the “star player” right away, just like softball you have to practice before you can hit home runs.

In Conclusion
Both parties have similar skill sets when it comes to being good at their craft. Firstly, they need focus. You simply cannot let your mind wander when you are trying to catch a ball or out through wood.

Secondly, they both need to understand how to handle equipment properly. Having that perfect grip on the bat, or the perfect grip on your miter saw is vital for success.

Lastly, you need to have endurance. Endurance to keep practicing. Something both good softball players and woodworkers have in common.