Social Awareness: How Softball Players Can Advocate for Gun Safety

Published Date: June 6, 2020
Author: Jayson
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Even though it’s the right of citizens to own a gun, each owner needs to have an awareness of its proper use. The society has its highlights of mass shootings, negligence shots, and gun violence. This fact is a concern to everyone because no one can tell who the next victim is.

Gun crimes are a menace to the nation. Between December 8, 1980, to December 8, 2020, 1.15 million Americans lost their lives to gunshots. These numbers call for concern among many individuals and societies in the country. Today in America, many groups are advocating for gun safety and a review of gun laws.

The Softball Team Education

The first step in creating social awareness as a team is to imbibe the tenets of knowledge individually. When each softball player gets the message, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to spread the word. Information on gun safety rules must be readily available to players. Also, reminding players about this information is not out of place.

People (players inclusive) own guns primarily for the sake of protection, and the defense of people. It is vital to remind owners of firearms that these weapons are highly destructive and shouldn’t be for play at any point in time. Negligence is one of the common causes of gun accidents.

It’s essential to educate players on safety rules in handling a gun, such as carrying only firearms that are empty or weapons with closed action. Do not pull the trigger on anyone who is not your target. Check the action and barrel of your rifle for obstructions.

Don’t hold a gun when climbing a fence or tree. The finger of a gun handler should be off the trigger until the shooter is sure of what to target. Loading and firing should follow the right order.

There are many safety rules for handling guns, and teaching or reminding softball players would make a huge difference.

Social Awareness Rallies

After receiving an adequate education, softball players can spread the message. One of the ways to achieve this is by giving free orientation, adopting practices such as holding peaceful rallies or protests. Gathering communities together could come into the picture. The organization can set up a committee to handle gun safety advocacy. Doing this will create an excellent public awareness structure.

Players can publicly declare the dates to hold rallies by coming out with banners and cards that communicate the message effectively. This rally will be more effective when there is a new case of a gun crisis in the community.

Collaborating with NGOs

Softball players can consider collaborating with Non-Governmental Organizations that show dedication towards ending gun violence. These organizations are well organized and experienced in this aspect. They can provide the right advice and support in advocating for gun safety.

Working together with NGOs could help reach a larger audience, and the team should consider it. There can be activities like pushing to sign a bill on gun control, or campaigns advocating gun safety.  However, it is left to the team to decipher the exact actions and steps that best suits them.

Parent Teachers Association (PTAs)

Going to PTAs to talk about gun safety would be useful as it can help promote gun safety. Most under-age individuals who commit suicide use the guns of their parents. The same applies to young individuals who perpetrate gun violence.

4.6million American children live in homes with both unlocked and loaded guns. As a result of negligence or some mistake, more than 600 children die by suicide annually. It is a pathetic situation.

Softball players could consider educating parents on how to keep their guns and enlighten them to monitor their children carefully.

Besides, parents can also be perpetrators of the gun crisis. So, going to them achieves two things at a time, educating parents with their children and helping parents themselves.

Organize a Game with the Theme

The influence of sports is enormous. Organizing a popular college game would draw the attention of many people, especially students. Teams can make and distribute jerseys with inscriptions depicting zero tolerance to gun violence.

Activities and speeches during the game should address gun safety. Measures like these would yield positive results.

Everyone’s Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

In buying guns, the most significant dilemma is choosing among many alternatives. For example, there’s a general debate on what size of Taurus G2C Sight to select when purchasing a gun for the first time. Reading up published reviews on sites like could prove helpful.

The vital thing is to look out for accuracy, durability, convenience, and use. Doing this will help you with picking the right one. Owning a gun, whatever the type, should be for the right reasons and used responsibly.

The gun crisis in our world today, ranges from indiscriminate attacks to improper gun handling, to suicide, to racism and mental problems. Whatever the reason, it’s the responsibility of every human to watch out for one another.

Understanding that we’re all humans, and every life is valuable would lessen the crisis stemming from gun use. Softball players can take the advocacy for firearms to the highest level. They can generate useful results by taking the issue as personally as they would take their games. There’s no better time to advocate for gun safety than now. Everyone deserves to live, and softball players can deepen this awareness.