Psychological Benefits of Having a Cabinet for Trophies for Softball Players

Published Date: August 7, 2020
Author: Jayson
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Softball is an enjoyable, recreational, and social team sport. Besides its recreational benefits, softball helps to improve hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular health, build muscle strength, increase endurance, and more.

However, on a professional basis, softball can be more daunting. Besides the distinct physical requirements (training, staying fit, eating healthy), there are also mental obstacles or hurdles.

At first thought or consideration, there might be no apparent benefits of setting up a trophy cabinet as a softball player. However, there are genuine benefits to having one.

1. Creates a Subconscious Hunger for Success

A cabinet full of awards, medals, and trophies looks much better and appealing. The objects register in your subconscious and keep you hungry/motivated to achieve more (fill it up). Notable sportsmen and women (softball and other sports) have shared how motivated they were to make a fully decorated cabinet (full of personal awards, medals, and trophies).

Every softball player wants to win. Winning is a natural self-confidence booster that keeps an athlete or a sportsman moving in stride.

It’s a validation of all effort (practice) put in before a game, during the game, and after the game. After the game, too, because of the growing importance of post-game recovery. Winning also helps to maintain good feelings, which can help keep a softball player going or motivated.

Putting your first award, medal, or trophy in your cabinet and seeing the empty/unoccupied spaces keeps you hungry for more.

Besides the apparent hunger, it gives, placing souvenirs such as medals, awards, and trophies in a well-made cabinet make them look much better (aesthetic value).

Having them littered or scattered randomly reduces their overall worth and prestige.

2. It Can Serve as a Visual Motivator

Many softball players and athletes motivate their selves in different ways. However, there is an underrated tool for staying driven (motivated). It involves creating a visual motivator.

A visual motivator is any visible object or cue that serves as a source of motivation. One of the best tools for winning is motivation. Motivation keeps you going in times of adversity and doubt (periods of reduced belief).

Setting up a trophy or award cabinet can stimulate a softball player to a career of success, achievements, and recognition (serve as a visual stimulator). Waking up every morning and visualizing your award or trophy cabinet can give you the extra push you need.

It could be going for a training session, eating healthy, and in general, adopting a lifestyle that is primed for success.

Many sportsmen and women struggle with motivation. Some even employ the services of psychologists and other mental health experts. Merely setting up a cabinet (award/trophy cabinet) can be the perfect personal motivator.

3. Helps you Keep Good Memories

Having seemingly forgotten memories pop back into the mind can be very enjoyable. After a long and successful career (retirement), stepping up to your cabinet (trophy/award cabinet), and relieving joyful memories is worth the effort.

These memories/experiences and accompanying stories are shareable with neighbors, friends, and family (children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and more).

It becomes more memorable if you built the cabinet yourself. The stories and memories become more captivating. Making your own cabinet from scratch and filling it up with medals, awards, recognitions, and trophies.

Building your cabinet isn’t much of a deal. Mainly when you use quality equipment/materials, chief among which is choosing a good table saw and table saw blades. A good table saw, and table saw blade helps to increase efficiency, improve speed, reduce wood waste, and generally make cabinet production more enjoyable.

Table saws come in a wide range of types. However, buying or choosing the right model depends on your needs and how the design of the cabinet is.

A smaller or less sophisticated design would require more straightforward tools (less complicated affordable cabinet saws and blades). However, more advanced models would require more sophisticated tools.

4. Keep Souvenirs Intact

Nothing can be more frustrating and annoying than misplacing something essential or useful. Losing/misplacing valuable souvenirs such as drafted recognitions, awards, trophies, and medals might are no exception.

Keeping them safe and organized in a cabinet not only prevents them from being lost but also increases their shelf life.

5. Create Family History (Create a Legacy)

Learning about family history can be critical. It is key to understanding individual personality, diversity, and humanity in general.

Family history helps each coming generation to have an idea of their identity and origin. Family history isn’t just limited to culture and traditions.

Individual achievements and accolades are equally a part of family history. The results of previous generations can help to inspire up-and-coming generations.

Keeping and preserving your softball legacy with the aid of a cabinet is no exception. Maintaining and preserving legacies allows individuals to live on, even when they are no more. Many children end up becoming more famous and successful sportsmen and women.

They usually share how their parents or even grandparents achievements inspired them.


Setting up a cabinet as a softball player can be advantageous. Although it might seem daunting at first, utilizing quality tools and materials (quality saws, saw blades, chisels, markers, and more) can even make it an enjoyable experience.

Some reasons why every softball player needs a cabinet, include its aesthetic value/quality, role as a source of motivation and hunger, usefulness in keeping and preserving good memories, securing awards/achievements/recognitions, and preserving family history.