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developing the next generation softball players

Softball is not so popular game in Africa, Asia, and Australia. The rest of the continents appreciate it for it’s similar to baseball, popular in the USA and Europe.

If you are looking for a sport that improves your physical performance and enhances your social networks, this is one game.

Both genders need nine players in both teams. Children, youth, and the old greatly benefit from this game.

Our Story

The founder is a renowned softball player. In his Australian content holiday, he wanted to engage in the game and looked for a club that could help him in his quest for the sport.

Surprisingly, he found there was none within the state of residence. That was a turning point; when he went back to the Dallas State in the United States, he vowed to have the game in that continent.

That explains the beginning of Dallas Charge.

Our Programs

We have several programs suitable for the target audience across the globe. Here are some of them:

Individual sports sponsorships

Club sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships

Softball academy partnerships

Capacity building of softball referees


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