Charge Sign Nikia Williams

McKinney, TX – April 18, 2016 –  Dallas Charge General Manager Kevin Shelton announces the signing of former NFCA-All American and NPF veteran Nikia Williams.  Williams was picked by the USSSA Pride 16th overall in the 2012 NPF Draft.

Williams commented on her return to the NPF, “The opportunity to come back and play is not something many people can do, and I’m proud to be part of such a wonderful program. I have had the itch to play in the NPF for the last two seasons and I am so thankful to be given the opportunity by the Dallas Charge organization. I look forward to competing at the highest level well as promote the sport of softball on a professional level.”

“We are excited to add Nikia’s experience, versatility and athletic ability to our squad,” said Shelton.  “We continue to build a solid nucleus that provide the stability that will give us a chance to compete for a championship on a regular basis.”

During Williams senior year at Washington she was named a top 10 finalist for Lowe’s Senior Class Award.  In 2011 she was an NFCA All-American and Top 25 finalist for ASA Player of the Year.  In 2009 Williams earned a spot on the Women’s College World Series All-Tournament Team where she set multiple records.

“Nikia knows how to compete on the big stage.  Her maturity and professionalism are great additions to the Charge,” said Shelton.


3 Reasons Why Softball Players Should Try Playing Pool

Softball and pool game are sports that complement each other now that there is a difference in terms of the level of physical activity that each of them is involved. A softball player who plays pool has an advantage when it comes to the overall state of both physical and emotional health. Playing pool can prevent you from distractions when you’re playing softball. In softball, there is a lot of movement just to make sure that you get the ball and hit it at the right target.

At the end of it, you are exhausted and you just need to have a rest. YOU are not resting because you want to but you are doing it because the body cannot take anymore movement. This is the time the pool game comes in handy. The moment you just feel you need to engage yourself in a game but in a more relaxing manner then pool game is the priority. Some benefits and skills that softball players can get from playing pool include

Builds focus and attention

This is a game that needs a lot of focus and attention to the ball in line with the direction in which you want the ball to go and hit. This is the reason there is a specific angle in which you have to hit it to get the target. This is a skill that is ideal for a softball player such that he may be able to think faster than the opponent to get a win. In life, you have to get all your attention on one issue and deal with it exhaustively. It builds the sense of persistence and patient which is a virtue in handling various life challenges including crucial decision-making process.

Sharpens the mind for cognitive development

Playing pool enhances your problem-solving skills. You look at an issue form a diverse perspective such that you are able t conquer your opponent’s weaknesses with your strength. The overall effect in this in the daily life of a softball player is the ability to get solutions even in difficult situations. In the softball game, it reaches a point that you have to make a crucial hit that will determine a loss or a win in a competitive game. This is only possible with a sharp mind which you boost and achieve over time.

Enhances both body and eye coordination

The hand and the eyes are the crucial body parts ideal in pool gaming. The fact that you play the game means that the agility levels of your hands are something you love and appreciate. You use the same in softball to get the right trajectory now that pool game has trained them to be swift and flexible to hit the ball at whatever angle of focus. These are two games that complement each other both when it comes to physical fitness and mental acuity. The physical fitness you gain in softball aids in maintaining the agility levels you need to play pool and vice versa.

Why Softball Players Should Use Garment Steamers

The softball game is one of the best game in history that help the player to become strong and flexible. With the kind of movements and the practices you do in preparation for the big tournament, you will be improving your general health. However, there are genuine reasons as to why softball players should have garment steamers. A garment steamer can do more than just removing wrinkles in clothes as you shall see some of the ways through which it can help these players.

It kills germs on your clothes
If you are going to be a good player, then you will have to keep your body healthy and free from a harmful microorganism. Germs can only survive in an environment that is favorable to it so you should ensure they can never find such an environment. Stem garments use high pressure and temperature that can eliminate any tinny organism in your games uniform. They can also get rid of rodents that may destroy your uniform.

It’s faster to use
Unlike ironing clothes, steaming is faster and more reliable. Those who value time prefer to use garment steamers because they can be used to make your cloth to look neat and presentable within a very short period of time. When you apply the steam in one of the surfaces of your cloth, it will come with a high pressure that cleans all the spots thereby making you become clean. They also take a very short time to dry so you will not wait for a long time

It’s light and easy to move with
Buying garment steamers is an excellent decision for softball players can make in their life. Softball players spend most of their time traveling. This happens when they have to go and play away from home. It may take you a lot of time to adapt to that new environment and survive in it Thus if you are determined to live the life you always live when you are at home, then you will need to carry your garment steamer. They are very light which makes them easy to move around

They have various steam settings
Clothes are made with different materials and density. This means that whenever you are steaming your clothes, you will need to be more cautious so that you do not ruin your favorite clothing. Alternatively, you can choose the best garment steamer designed with steam settings. This can allow you to clean any of your cloth without worrying. When you are done with the game, just steam your clothes and get going, you don’t have a reason to worry.

Does not require specialized skills to work with
Garment steamers are very easy to use. You will not require skills and special abilities to use it Provided you read the instructions that came with it, it will be very easy to get things going. They are also designed with features that are easy to read and interpret which can be used by anyone. There are no complicated features that will make difficult for you to steam your clothes with this steamers. If you feel like you may be in need of these steamers, then you can visit to identify the best garment steamers in the market.

Things in Common of Playing Softball and Woodworking

Are you a good softball player and thinking of picking up a hobby? Or perhaps you are great at woodworking and think you want to try out for a sport this summer? Keep reading to learn why you might just be a great fit for the alternative activity.

Skills in Common Between Softball and Woodworking
Both playing softball and woodworking require skills in similar things. This may strange at first but if you are good at playing softball, you might just be good at woodworking. And vice-versa.

1. Focusing on One Thing
It is vital as a softball player to keep their eye on the ball whilst out in the field. If you are going to make that catch you cannot be distracted by the array of things around you.

Likewise with woodworking, if you are handling, for instance, a power cutter, the second you lose focus you can risk cutting into your hand. It is extremely important for both parties to focus on the one important thing in front of them.

2. Proper Grip on Equipment
If you have ever tried playing softball or baseball can you think back to that first swing you attempted? Do you remember how hard it was to keep that bat in your hands? You have to have a nice tight grip on it if you don’t want it flying away on you.

Same goes for woodworking. For example, if you are using the miter saw, you want your cuts to your wood to be precise, so any slipping of equipment is bound to be harmful to both yourself and your product. Not sure what a miter saw is? Read for more info.

3. Endurance – Practice Makes Perfect
The more practice you get, the better you are going to be. That’s just a fact of life for any activity. In softball, you have to practice hitting the ball over and over and over again. You have to make sure that you can run the bases properly, knowing when to stop and when to keep going.

The same can be said about woodworking. It is such an art that no one can just start and make a beautiful dining room table right away. You have to practice. A lot of people start off woodworking as a hobby and eventually give up because they are not good enough. Don’t expect to be the “star player” right away, just like softball you have to practice before you can hit home runs.

In Conclusion
Both parties have similar skill sets when it comes to being good at their craft. Firstly, they need focus. You simply cannot let your mind wander when you are trying to catch a ball or out through wood.

Secondly, they both need to understand how to handle equipment properly. Having that perfect grip on the bat, or the perfect grip on your miter saw is vital for success.

Lastly, you need to have endurance. Endurance to keep practicing. Something both good softball players and woodworkers have in common.

Benefits Of Infrared Sauna For Softball Players

In the course of recent years, the distinctive saunas have turned out to be amazingly mainstream. Saunas are commonly a little room that transmits a high warmth, planned explicitly to achieve wellbeing in the people that utilization them. Numerous individuals appreciate unwinding in a sauna, yet there are numerous advantages that stretch out past just unwinding.
Following a distressing and difficult day at the field for softball players, there isn’t much else that is more unwinding and quieting than infrared saunas can give. The infrared sauna comes with many benefits to players enabling them to be emotionally and mentally prepared for their games.

Detoxification of the body can improve the proficiency of the insusceptible framework. Poisons in the body can gather in the skin and the liver and perspiring are one of the body’s regular approaches to expel poisons. Subsequently, detox maintains a strategic distance from infection, forestall disease and improve general wellbeing and essentialness. FIS warms the body from the center, in this way, it enables you to sweat up to multiple times a bigger number of poisons than customary saunas. Day by day perspiring can help detox the body as it frees itself of collected substantial metals just as liquor, nicotine, sodium, and sulfuric corrosive. FIS assists with skin inflammation by filtering the skin and purging the pores in this way freeing amassed earth, beautifying agents, clogged pores and dry skin cells. Fewer poisons in the skin imply more advantageous skin with upgrades in skin composition, tone, surface, versatility and general appearance.

Infrared sauna treatment elevates unwinding by adjusting your body’s dimension of cortisol, your body’s essential pressure hormone. The warmth produced by the sauna will likewise loosen up muscles and ease pressure all through the body, enabling you to unwind and de-stress.

It develops profound conditions of unwinding as you venture into your Neosauna. Watch as weights and stress fall far from you with each drop of perspiration. Been stressed is the main source of ailment; as the brain unwinds because of the infrared sauna which it does to the body too. Giving you advantages and enable the body to live free of ailment and disease. Thus, softball players will have a good sleep and be mentally sober for their games.

Relief Pain
On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of muscle hurts or joint agony, infrared saunas can calm this type of aggravation by expanding dissemination and loosening up your muscles. Opportunity from torment is one of the numerous advantages procured from unwinding in the full range infrared warmth. As infrared wavelengths radiate from your Neosauna to enter the skin, expanded blood stream is sent to the muscles and conveys increasingly unadulterated oxygen to the limits of the body. The expanded bloodstream and new oxygen enormously decrease pain. Thus, infrared sauna use with friends health benefits of infrared sauna for softball players running without pain in joints.

Improved Circulation
Development is made inside the veins amid your infrared sauna session, as the pulse expands it attempts to flush the body with open and completely oxygenated blood to the uttermost limits. This expanded dissemination created amid your Neosauna session will proceed with hours after. Improved dissemination isn’t sound for the body, yet it additionally gives a characteristic sparkle to the skin abandoning you looking emanate and young. Furthermore, improve muscle recuperation, and abatement agony and aggravation after extraordinary exercise.

Skin Purification
The abundant perspiring accomplished amid your 40-minute IR sauna session carts away profoundly imbedded debasements and dead skin cells. This leaves the skin shining and flawlessly perfect.

Expanded flow draws your skin’s very own common supplements to the surface. Therefore, you will see improved tone, flexibility, surface, and new shading. Expanded dissemination has additionally been appeared to assuage skin break out, dermatitis, psoriasis, consumes, injuries and cuts. Since the warmth of an IR sauna warms the skin so profoundly cellulite decrease is an additional advantage.

The expanded pulse and confined blood course cooperate to prevent greasy stores and fibrosis from collecting fluids in the fat cells to lessen the presence of cellulite.

The above-mentioned health benefits of an infrared sauna for softball players can help them become better softball players.

Healthy Grilled Recipes For Softball Players

Are you a softball player or are you simply interested in this sport? Do you want to know what softball players should eat to maximize their performance? Then you came to the right place. We’ve compiled atop? with the best healthy grilled recipes for softball players since this type of food is highly recommended for them.
Why are grilled dishes great for softball players?

Softball is a sport where athletes need to be sharp, agile and strong because the game requires short bursts of energy that can quickly consume the body. Grilled recipes, served with some nice veggies endemic of healthy fats, can provide the necessary fuel for sustained effort sessions and improved performance. This particular type of food combination is best as recovery food for softball players and can make them stronger on the long-run. It also works if eaten 3-4 hours before exercise.

Without further ado, here are our top 3 of healthy grilled recipes for softball players that care a lot about their diet and health:
1. Grilled chicken sandwich with side salad and pretzels
What’s tastier than the good old grilled chicken sandwich, served together with a fabulous salad and delicious pretzels? People can have the chicken exactly as they prefer it (although many like it better when it’s well done), while the salad options are virtually endless. We recommend the cucumber salad, mixed with garlic, avocado, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of black pepper The butter lettuce salad is also a viable option, especially if it contains olives, apple cider vinaigrette and bread crumbs instead of pretzels. An important thing to note, for those who are fed up with chicken, grilled salmon is the perfect alternative.

2. Pasta with marinara sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms and steamed zucchini
Another extremely healthy grilled recipe recommended for softball players is pasta with sauce, chicken, mushrooms and steamed zucchini. This dish offers a great mix of proteins and carbs, it’s tasty and very easy to make (it should be ready in under 30 minutes), after the oil is heated, the garlic, onions and bell pepper go in (sauté for 2-3 minutes) then the chicken is added (sauté for 2-3 minutes as well), followed by the mushrooms, the zucchini, the spaghetti sauce, some water, salt, and vinegar; bring everything to a boil the food is then covered and the heat is reduced for 30 minutes it’s best served with penne pasta and sprinkled with parmesan.

3. Smoked Boston butt
Also known as BBCI pork butt, this is a fantastic grilled dish, moist, spicy and juicy. The trick here is nailing the art of smoking a Boston butt on electric smoker. Here are a couple of tips to take into account, the smoker should be preheated at roughly 225 degrees Fahrenheit Apple, Hickory or Pecan wood chips are the most popular wood-chip choices smoking the pork butt on electric smoker can take up to 7-8 hours to cook and an additional hour or two before it’s ready to be served it works great with a dry rub mix (paprika, ground black pepper, kosher salt, brown sugar, coriander) that need to be sprinkled on all the meat.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 3 Healthy Grilled Recipes for Softball Players and we’re waiting for you all on the pitch!

Ping pong VS Softball

Hobbies come up in different forms and ways where each person can be defined from one another regarding their varying interest in hobbies. Be it related to art, sports or even academics, each one is different. Regardless of today’s busy world, it is so relevant to make time for our family and friends and be with them reminding the eternal elegance of love. There are many places where we can connect with the people we love and care and enhance the relationships by engaging in sports or any other fun activities that are more fun. A ping pong table(  sport is such a preferable activity where we enjoy with the people we love. Not just with ping pong but also softball; it’s relevant to show a case of ping pong vs softball to know more about both. In every aspect of life, a good sports adventure with our closed ones makes a huge impact on our lives. It just creates a flawless energy to run through our veins and both these sports play a major role in that.

Considering both the sports, ping pong is a cute section of sport with an everlasting spirit! It requires two or four players to hit a small lightweight ball back and forth of a table with small tennis like rackets. It might seem to be really easy but requires the utmost concentration and contribution which makes our body and mind together aiming to a particular point with no other thoughts or fears. This enhances and brings a huge spiritual and physical attribute of living which is definitely necessary for today’s busy life. Softball is much of a large baseball-like sport, or we can say that it is an alternative to baseball.

As the name suggests it is soft to touch and handle. But as it is larger than traditional baseball; it is a fast game. Both games might be different in apparel but they share a very common attribute and that is nothing but, a bonding between the two players. There will be a great significance of concentration between both the players towards each other and hence, they tend to be sharing a special kind of connection that is how these games become unique from others.

Hobbies must be considered much of a significant method of relationship bonding than considering it as just a physical means of strategy. It is perfect to have a ping pong table in our home which would eventually be the mood enhancer after a long day at work. Nowadays, people are so busy to even talk to the people they love mostly because of the work pressure they are facing every day. But what for is all those money we earn if we don’t really use it to spend on most amazing and worth playing objects? Eventually, we would end up being tired both in the outside and inside. These statements clarify the need for having a ping pong table and a softball for both your mental and physical empowerment. It is so useful in connecting even with new friends or relatives! The most sophisticating part of this is we would never end up regretting which is worth mentioning and also a great impact on becoming a positive minded community! Behold of all these advantages, it is reasonable to embark and socialize with enormous sets of communities that contribute to a better population!


Charge Split Afternoon Double Header With Rebellion

McKinney, TX – (August 13, 2016) – The Dallas Charge split a double header at home on Saturday afternoon with the PA Rebellion. Both games ended 3-2. The result cements each teams place in the 2016 NPF regular season standings. The Charge will finish fifth, one place ahead of the Rebellion.

In game 1 the Charge got out to an early 2-0 lead thanks to timely hitting from veteran catcher Kaylyn Castillo, but could not hold on. Kaylyn Castillo brought home Renada Davis in the bottom of the first and Caitlin Attfield in the bottom of the third with two-out singles.

The Rebellion erased that deficit and took the lead in the top of the fifth. Charge starter Morgan Melloh allowed two runs before being lifted for Jill Compton who gave up a single up the middle that brought home the go ahead and ultimately winning run for the Rebellion, giving them the 3-2 win.

Dallas Escobedo picked up the complete game victory for the Rebellion. She fanned nine and walked just two. Melloh got the loss, falling to 4-8 on the season.

In game 2 the Charge overcame a 2-1 deficit via the home run to win 3-2. The Rebellion scored first in the top of the second without the ball leaving the infield. Dallas area native Chaley Brickey walked. A bunt single, sacrifice bunt and ground out to shortstop brought home Brickey and staked the Rebellion to a 1-0 advantage.

Lauren Haeger, who had two hits it the game, drilled a solo shot in the bottom of the frame to tie the game at one.

The Rebellion came right back in the third to take the lead. A Stacey Porter double in the right center gap brought home Victoria Hayward who had singled.

Danielle Henderson put the Charge ahead for good in the bottom of the fourth with a two-run blast.

Starter Cheridan Hawkins earned the win, pitching five and one-third innings before giving way to Vanessa Stokes and Morgan Melloh in relief. Melloh picked up the save.

The Charge reached their highest win total ever, moving to 19-30, while the Rebellion are 17-32 overall. The Charge and Rebellion will both conclude their season Sunday at noon at the Ballfields at Craig Ranch in McKinney.


Charge Win Regular Season Finale

McKinney, TX – (August 14, 2016) – The Dallas Charge finished the 2016 campaign by winning their final game 4-1. The victory gave Dallas a two out of three series win against the PA Rebellion and their 20th win, three more than in 2015.

The Charge scored all four runs via the home run on Sunday afternoon. Taylor Gadbois tallied her first pro home run, the inside-the-park variety, knocking in two and Lauren Haeger blasted her sixth long ball of the year, also a two-run shot. Those long balls happened in the third and fourth giving Dallas a 4-0 lead.

Haeger continued the form that helped her throw a no-hitter in her last outing, as she started for the Charge in the circle. The right hander went four strong innings, allowing just one hit. Cheridan Hawkins, Vanessa Stokes and Jill Compton followed in relief. Haeger earned the win, improving to 10-7 on the season. Compton earned the save.

Emma Johnson picked up the loss for the Rebellion allowing four runs on three hits in three innings.

The Charge reached 20 wins against 30 losses in their second season of competition, while the Rebellion finished at 17-33 overall.

Charge 4 Rebellion 1 Box Score 8-14-16

About Dallas Charge

The Dallas Charge, headquartered in McKinney, TX, began competition in the National Pro Fastpitch league in 2015. The Charge provide elite softball players the opportunity to pursue a professional career and inspire the next generation of professionals. Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Charge organization and its players are committed to demonstrating leadership in community involvement, entertainment, and professionalism. Follow the Dallas Charge at

About National Pro Fastpitch:

National Pro Fastpitch (NPF), an Official Development Partner of Major League Baseball since 2002, provides elite female athletes with an opportunity to pursue a professional career in diamond sports beyond their collegiate success. The 2016 NPF season will be televised on CBS Sports Network. Coverage includes the NPF College Draft presented by Bownet on Thur., April 14, followed by 23 regular-season games, a Championship Series Preview Special and the 2016 NPF Championship Series. The NPF recently announced that the Scrap Yard Dawgs, located in The Woodlands, Texas, will join the Akron Racers, Chicago Bandits, Dallas Charge, Pennsylvania Rebellion and USSSA Florida Pride for the 2016 season. National Pro Fastpitch players hail from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and New Zealand, representing the most accomplished and talented athletes in the sport of women’s softball.

Note to Media

Photos and b-roll of players is available. Interviews with the league commissioner are welcomed, and top players from each team are accessible immediately. If you’re interested in pursuing story angles about professional softball for women, please don’t hesitate to contact us.